The Combat of the Machines

Donald Trump is a cult chief with a following of tens of millions. Within the minds of cult followers, their chief, by definition, can do no flawed — all his actions are robotically proper. The chief has a prophetic vison and a direct line to the divine. They don’t seem to be sure by the foundations and legal guidelines that lesser individuals need to observe. Jim Jones, David Koresh and Donald Trump all match this description — within the opinion of their followers.

Trump’s following is vastly higher than Jones or Koresh, partly as a result of he’s a US president but in addition as a result of social media and the factitious intelligence (AI) that backs it has vastly magnified his powers, presumably past the purpose that even he realizes. For Trump’s disciples, social media filters out any opposite information about their chosen one and feeds them undiluted negativity about his opponents. Trump’s devoted followers exist in a bubble the place Democrats are flesh-eating pedophiles or Marxist revolutionaries, and the place Trump has been chosen by God to save lots of America.  

360° Context: The 2020 US Election Defined


For the evangelicals, Trump has been despatched to meet the prophecies of Revelation and usher ultimately occasions. No quantity of fact-checking or actuality will penetrate. For his followers, Trump is all the time proper, incapable of doing flawed and uniquely gifted to make them the promised land. Those that don’t perceive this are both souls ready to be saved or, extra doubtless, people who have chosen Devil and the trail to hell. Any potential pro-Trump opinion and even nascent tendency is picked up by social media algorithms and magnified and echoed again to the person again and again, sucking them right into a rabbit gap of Trumpian fantasy.

Trump could also be a fraud and a con man, however he has seized the management of this cult. His management, which in earlier years would have been mocked as a humiliation, is as a substitute considered as messianic by his cult. This superhuman energy allows him to command his followers to disbelieve something within the “faux information media,” defy regulation and ignore social norms. He has already threatened dysfunction if he loses the election. America is a tinderbox of racial stress, social discord, dramatic inequality, a lethal pandemic and financial collapse. Like Jones and Koresh, Trump has the potential to precipitate catastrophe, however on a far higher scale. 

The power multiplier behind this cult is the AI run by Google, Fb, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and all the opposite social media giants. The super-computers which run the AI algorithms discern our likes, feelings, prejudices, tastes, political opinions and sexuality. The databases they accumulate are enormous, and the AI profile of every of us detailed and perceptive. These computer systems are all the time on, all the time related, and the algorithms employed are much more highly effective than we understand. They overwhelm the human capacity to filter the stream of self-reinforcing messages and delicate exploitation of our unconscious, wherever you fall on the political spectrum. The continual social media feed that surrounds every of us in a bubble of “actuality” is the truth is extremely subjective, tailor-made individually and frequently reinforces our personal beliefs and prejudices. Cult members exist in an individually crafted matrix. The singularity might have already arrived.

The singularity is the purpose sooner or later when AI overtakes human intelligence and turns into self-replicating. This was thought to sign the rise of the machines and an existential menace to human existence — consider Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Terminator.” Stephen Hawking warned that “the event of full synthetic intelligence may spell the tip of the human race.”

The AI revolution has enabled each the Trump cult and its opponents to flourish to the purpose the place society has fragmented into warring factions who imagine the others are out to destroy them. As an alternative of the machines preventing us, the machines have devised a technique to make us battle one another, and the November election is shaping as much as be a key battle.

The views expressed on this article are the creator’s personal and don’t essentially replicate Honest Observer’s editorial coverage.

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